Hygienic Floor & Shower Drain Protection System

Hygienic Floor & Shower Drain Protection System

Jul 1, '18

The Wondercap is a revolutionary anti-bacterial fitting designed to make the builders, plumbers, waterproofer and tiler’s job accurate, easier and hygienic. The Wondercap stops construction waste entering and blocking waste pipes, providing total protection of the drainage system until the floor waste grate is installed.

The Wondercap is a multi-purpose cost-effective drainage product that benefits the builders, concreter, plumber, waterproofer, tiler and the client.

The Wondercap Company has developed patented technology and manufactures this innovative and environmentally-friendly award-winning* product.

Implementing this unique, yet simple system in your projects provides quality assurance and saves times and money, not only during construction but also well-after completion.