It is essential to include the Wondercap kit as part of your Quality Assurance and ensure other trades do not misuse the waste risers as rubbish bins.


The Wondercap drainage system is also able to be installed with fire stop collars after the boxing and reinforced mesh has been installed.


  • Improve workplace health and safety as the riser no longer protrudes from slab level, eliminating a safety hazard for other trades
  • Improve your quality assurance with our clean, smooth, hygienic connection between the grate and pipe
  • Eliminate expensive call-back costs and valuable time
  • No more broken pipe due to pedestrian traffic during construction
  • Protection of the shower, floor wastes and drainage systems
The wondercap is designed to be used for plumbers, to prevent concrete and bedding from entering the pipes. Puddle Flange | Shower Drain
A Home renovator will most likely want the retro kit from wondercap. The antibacterial puddle flange and shower drain all in one is suitable for renovations



Installed in either timber or concrete floors, the Wondercap Retro Kit is ideal for renovations and repairs.


Fits all 100mm grates; a renovator can finish the shower or floor installation with a high-quality chrome plated brass Wondercap grate (in Round or Square)


  • Eliminate expensive call-back costs and valuable time
  • Cap off the shower and floor drain during demolition, preventing rubbish entering drain pipe
  • Easy to install
  • Prevent stains and odours occurring from drain pipe
  • Protection of the shower, floor wastes and drainage systems
  • High-quality chrome plated grate finish



The most important person involved with the construction process (the customer) will appreciate the end result of a free-flowing hygienic floor waste and drainage system.


  • The Wondercap drainage system has been implemented in the construction of your home as an assurance that ‘best building practices’ have been followed.
  • Accurate steps have been taken to achieve the best waterproofing conditions for your home with the professional finish of the Wondercap drainage systems.
  • Enjoy free flowing hygienic floor and shower wastes.
  • No more bad odours and blockages caused by construction excesses.
  • Environmentally friendly

The Wondercap Drainage System delivers a quality finish any Owner would be proud of!

Homeowners can rest assured that their bathroom, laundry and other wet areas are perfectly sealed when using the Wondercap. Puddle flange and shower drain all in one
Waterproofers will love the Wondercap. It allows them to get their job done easy and quickly without worry about spilling the agents down the pipe, and also confirms their waterproofing techniques when sealing the all in one puddle flange and sower drain to the waterproofing paint membrane



The positive fall to waste, achieved by the concreter and the built-in puddle flange, gives the waterproofer optimal conditions to apply the waterproofing membrane. The patented weep holes in the Wondercap base allow moisture build-up under the tiles and above the waterproof membrane to escape down the floor waste.


  • Patented weep holes allow moisture to escape down the floor and shower waste.
  • Prevents pressure on waterproofing membrane.
  • The Wondercap kit includes a puddle flange to protect from membrane failure around the waste pipes.
  • Can be used to achieve an accurate fall to waste in screed bedding – no more pooling!
  • Hides unsightly waterproofing edges, ensuring a clean and smooth finish.
  • Ensures the grate is centred over the riser every time



The Wondercap is a unique, safe and revolutionary new plumbing fitting designed specifically to provide total protection of the drainage system and prevent waterproofing problems.


  • A simple low –cost solution to blocked drains caused by construction waste and excesses entering the drainage system.
  • Prevent waterproofing membrane failure around the shower and floor waster riser.
  • Allows moisture to drain from under the tiles after construction is completed.
  • Ensure the grate is centered over the riser every time.
  • No more broken pipes due to pedestrian traffic during construction.
  • Improve Workplace Health and Safety as the riser no longer protrudes from slab level causing a safety hazard for other trades.
Corporate builders love the Wondercap. It's an easy installation that allows them to get on with their job without worry about concrete or any other debre or waste getting trapped in the pip riser or worse. The Wondercap all in one shower drain and puddle flange is the best on the market!
The Wondercap is a concreters best friend. No more stressing about making sure the concrete doesn't enter the pipes at all!



Install the ‘Wondercap Kit’ in situ 10mm – 15mm below the RL.


  • No more spigots for waste risers.
  • Ensure a positive fall to floor drains at slab level.
  • Save time and money by not having to manoeuvre around the protruding shower & waste risers.
  • Screeding the slab has never been easier.



The Wondercap creates a positive surface-flow to the floor waste and transitions the waste grate to the riser. Using the Wondercap, the tilers’ job is completed faster, easier and more accurately than by traditional methods.


  • Works as a bedding guide by adjusting the height to the desired floor level.
  • Measure the fall to the shower and floor riser and centre the waste grate over the riser with 100% accuracy.
  • Positive drainage of tiled floors between the tiles and the water proofing membrane.
  • The protective cap stops foreign matter such as screed and grout from entering the waste pipe.
  • Screed, grout and tile without removal.
  • Ensures the grate is centred over the riser every time.
  • Non-stain recycled polypropylene will look great for years to come
Tiles love the wondercap as it allows them to perfectly cut their tiles in line with the wondercap all in one shower drain and puddle flange!