Wondercap Retro Kit



The Wondercap will save you time and is the hygienic shower and floor drain solution

For post-concrete pour installations and renovations

The Wondercap Retro Kit comes in 100mmx100mm, 80mmx100mm & 50mmx100mm sizes

The Wondercap Retro Kit is optimally used for post-concrete poured constructions or timber floors. It is ideal for renovations and repairs.

The flush mounted puddle flange provides extra strength and protection of the waterproofing membrane adhering around the shower/floor waste and allows for easy installation for existing concrete floors and renovation projects.

Installing the Retro Kit allows for a tile height of 29mm-100mm above the subfloor and assist in achieving an accurate datum (fall/pre-slope), of varying heights, to the floor waste and ensures a perfect alignment every time.

Included with the Retro Kit is the Wondercap Base. Developed with patented primary and secondary weep holes, the Wondercap base allows moisture to drain from the bedding and under the tiles after construction is completed. Manufactured from a non-stick, non-stain polypropylene, the Wondercap base insert provides a hygienic and environmentally friendly transition from the floor grate to the shower and floor waste riser. During the manufacturing process, the polypropylene is injected with an antibacterial agent preventing the growth of bacteria and mould; helping with odour control and improving hygiene maintenance.

Like our other Wondercap products, the Wondercap Retro Kit is manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials.

Fits 100mm grates.

*Can also compliment 80mm grates by cutting an appropriately sized hole in the cap.

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